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Granted in 1715

The historic farm of Natte Valleij Wines is set on the lower slopes of the Simonsberg mountain, just outside of Stellenbosch. It oozes a sense of history, with its homestead, old wine cellars, brandy stills, mature gardens, ancient trees, pergolas, ponds and all surrounded by lime-washed walls. Bought by the Milner Family in 1969 as a run down winery that had not produced wine since the 50’s. Our grand father, Sir Mordaunt Milner a famed South African horse breeder, felt Natte Valleij ideal for pursuing his passion of equine brilliance. It would breed some of South Africa’s finest racehorses for 30 years.

It was in 2005, that the horses were lead out and the barrels rolled back into the 300 year old winery and once again the sounds of wine were back. Winemaking is spear headed by youngest son, Alexander Milner, now 3rd generation Milner on Natte Valleij. He started in 2005, After graduating as a qualified winemaker from Stellenbosch University, he was determined to return Natte Valleij to an epitome of classic South African wine.

Focusing primarily on Cinsault, Alexander’s passion is seeking out forgotten patches of old dry-land bush vines that he felt would offer exceptional quality and interest. “These old vines have always fascinated me by their dogged persistence to exist.” We hope our wines speak louder than words in expressing the dynamic Cape. Our philosophy at Natte Valleij Wines is simple, respect the soil, the vine and the wine, with minimal interference and pretence. Guiding beautiful grapes into character full wines -preserving the intrinsic link between bottle and grape.

We pride ourselves in keeping things traditional, like it was done in the 50’s,

when wine was last made at Natte Valleij.


Passionately Crafted with Care & Character

Axle Chenin Blanc

W.O. Darling // Certified vineyard as part of the Old Vine Project

Current Vintage: 2023

Blend: 100% Chenin Blanc

Alc 13% | T/A 5.6 | R/S 4.5 | pH 3.63

Being a family business here at Natte Valleij Wines, you make wines for each other. My wife loves Chenin blanc, so I decided to make her one. These dryland bush vines planted in 1985 and grown in Darling are an epitome of old South African bush vine Chenin blanc. Wines are fermented naturally in seasoned barrels and aged sur lie for 9 months. Ripe pear and spice, balanced of by a beautiful minerality, has you thinking of the start of a Quentin Tarantino movie!

R 240 - Sold Out!

Coastal Cinsault

W.O. Coastal Region

Current Vintage: 2022

Blend: 100% Cinsault

Alc 12.5% | T/A 6.2 | R/S 1.8 | pH 3.59

Cinsault has become synonymous with Natte Valleij Wines. The father to our national varietal Pinotage and once stalwart red varietal of the industry, Cinsault has since fallen into obscurity. Affectionately still called Hermitage by the many old timers. This is our Coastal blend, a multi-regional extravagance, based from 5 dryland bush vines ranging in age from 50-14 years. Fermented naturally and aged for 12 months in a variety of concrete egg, foudre and barrel. Oodles of depth and bright-eyed energy, its like the bar down the street being gate crashed by your local rugby team and your lucky enough to be there, you know its going to be fun!

R 170

P. O. W.

W.O. Simonsberg / Paarl

Current Vintage: 2020

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 84% Merlot 16%

Alc 14.5% | T/A 6.6 | R/S 2.2 | pH 3.73

Granted in 1715, the historic Natte Valleij and its grand old Cape Dutch buildings have been home to quite a few interesting people and produced its fair share of fine Cape Wines. One of these was an Italian prisoner of war P.O.W.. Captured in North Africa and exiled to the Cape to spend the duration of the Second World War on the grounds of Natte Valleij Wines. Common knowledge to have helped in the winemaking on Natte Valleij. All we have as a reminder of his stay is the inscription P.O.W. B.T. 27-12-1943. In his honour, we have hand-crafted this wine, our take on a South African Bordeaux. Traditionally vinified and focusing on the Simonsberg, so famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon based blends, matured for 36months in large oak barrels, giving that undeniable drinkability.

R 250


W.O. Simonsberg / Paarl

Current Vintage: 2018

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 80% Cinsault 20%

Alc 13.5 % | T/A 6.7 | R/S 2.6 | V/A 0.7 | pH 3.63

Staatmaker is an Afrikaans term referring to someone of great dependable and unwavering qualities, elements that have made this blend so popular with cape winemakers of old. The Staatmaker encapsulates everything that is old and genuine of the Cape. A fascinating blend of the classic Cabernet Sauvignon and the rustically charming Cinsault. Grapes sourced from our neighbours on the Simonsberg and aged for 18 months in barrel.

R 200


W.O. Darling

Current Vintage: 2023

Blend: Pinotage 100%

Alc 12.5% | T/A 5.8 | R/S 1.0 | pH 3.9

Pinotage, the uniquely South African grape, it is a cross between Cinsault and Pinot noir. NAT is our take on Pinotage, naturally fermented lighter and fresher in styled, expressing authenticity. A style more reminiscent of its paternal lines. As Manet is to the art world, NAT is to Pinotage. Dry land bush-vines and aged for 8 months in concrete egg and foudre.

R 170

Swallow the Blend

W.O. Coastal Region

Current Vintage: 2022

Blend: Syrah 76% cinsault 17% Chenin blanc 7%

Alc 13.66 % | T/A 6.1 | R/S 2.3 | pH 3.70

Named after the pearl-breasted swallows that return each year to nest in the cellar at Natte Valleij Wines. This is our R&D wine in the ever quest to discover new vineyards and techniques in the cellar. Aged for 18 months in barrel and made to be enjoyed! Lovely charcuterie savouriness balanced off by lashings of spice and a macerated fruit finish. A wine for friends and family and perhaps even the in-laws.

R 120

Stellenbosch Cinsault

W.O. Stellenbosch // Certified vineyard as part of the Old Vine Project

Current Vintage: 2022

Blend: 100% Cinsault

Alc 12% | T/A 5.7 | R/S 1.6 | pH 3.76

These 46 year old bush vines are planted on rising ground in the shadows of the Helderberg Mountain. Grown in decomposed granite and facing Westwards towards False Bay, a mere 7km away. The vineyard is the closest we have to the sea and it is this maritime influence that really sets it apart from anything else we have. Affectionately call the ballerina in the cellar, because of its bright energy and gracefulness, it is certainly deserving of being bottled as a single vineyard wine. Matured for 11 months in concrete egg to maintain that purity, energy and poise, so obviously to this site.

R 325

Darling Cinsault

W.O. Darling // Certified vineyard as part of the Old Vine Project

Current Vintage: 2023

Blend: 100% Cinsault

Alc 12.5% | T/A 5.4 | R/S 2.1 | pH 3.7

These bush vines must be the most isolated vineyard we have in our cellar. Planted on a lonely hill surrounded by wheat fields and to many gates to remember, this vineyard stands very alone. Planted in 1978 on Malmesbury formation, with some influence of decomposed granite. It faces South South West and experiences the cooling summer wind of the afternoon South Wester blowing in off the Atlantic, only 16km away. It is this uniqueness that allows us to offer something of exceptional quality and interest. Matured for 12 months in 3rd and 2nd fill 400L French barrels to maintain poise and reflection of site.

R 325

We strive to make wine with minimal intervention, merely guiding beautiful grapes into characterful wines.


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Natte Valleij Wines is situated on the R44, 12 kms from Stellenbosch and 17kms from Paarl. We are, in fact, where the Stellenbosch and Paarl wine routes meet. We are 4kms from the N1 (Klapmuts turnoff 47) and 30minutes from the centre of Cape Town.

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The historic farm of Natte Valleij is set on the lower slopes of the Simonsberg mountain, just outside of Stellenbosch. It oozes a sense of history, with its homestead, old wine cellars, brandy stills, mature gardens, ancient trees, pergolas, ponds and all surrounded by lime-washed walls.