A historic farm on the slopes of the Simonsberg

Sipping Wine and Lazing in the Sun,
Scenic Walks, Bird Watching and More.


There is much to keep our guests occupied whilst staying with us.

The historic farm of Natte Valleij is set on the lower slopes of the Simonsberg mountain, just outside of Stellenbosch. It oozes a sense of history, with its homestead, old wine cellars, brandy stills, mature gardens, ancient trees, pergolas, ponds and all surrounded by lime-washed walls. Bought by the Milner Family in 1969 as a run down winery that had not produced wine since the 50’s. Our grand father, Sir Mordaunt Milner a famed South African horse breeder, felt Natte Valleij ideal for pursuing his passion of equine brilliance. It would breed some of South Africa’s finest racehorses for 30 years.

Walking & Mountain Biking

We are very lucky to have access into our neighbouring nature reserve. There are herds of Springbok, Wildebeest and Zebra to be seen and if you are lucky, even some Eland and Gemsbok. One is also able to walk or mountain bike up the slopes of the Simonsberg.

Wine Tasting

Guests are welcome to taste our wines at Natte Valleij and embark on a trip through the winelands visiting the many famous estates a mere stones throw away. We have a well-appointed tasting room where our wines can be tasted and bought. Cellar tours can easily be arranged and during the season (Feb.-Mar.) guests can visit the cellar and watch the fascinating process of wine being made.

Bird Watching

180 species have been identified at Natte Valleij including rarities such as the Wood Owl, Amethyst Sunbird, Southern Boubou and Glossy Ibis as well as regulars such as the Black Saw Wing Swallow, Pearl-breasted Swallow, Giant Kingfisher, Bar Throated Apalis and Swee Waxbill.